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Mooring you
Dry Port

Are you looking for a berth for your boat?

Since 1 July 2020, the Ile d’Yeu has had a dry stack storage at Portjoinville


Book your dry-stack slot now and set sail with peace of mind!


The dry stack storage to l'Île d'Yeu in-depth...

• Dry berthing by the year
• 50 slots on racks
• 2 waiting pontoons
• 1 slipway
• 1 lifting machine
• Motor boats: semi-rigid, pilothouse, open
• Max. length: 7.50 metres
• Max. width: 2.70 metres
• Max. weight: 2 tons
How it works
• Customer books launch time on line
• Boat launched and moored to the waiting pontoon
• Technical area on site, for boat maintenance
• Option of staying afloat













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  • If you don't yet have an account, contact us using the form


Dry stack storage Rates

Overall lenght Annual tax
Equal to or greater than Less than or equal to T.T.C.
4,5 m 6,5 m 1 637
6,51 m 7,00 m 1 788
7,01 m 7,50 m 1 946
7,51 m 8,00 m 2 103








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